Dwight Dickinson


Innisfil Dental Centre
The website for the dental practice Innisfil Dental Centre. This website is built on the latest web standards and is 100% responsive. It does not use any framework or building block. It was written from scratch with the exception of the blog portion being powered by a hardened WordPress. This website also doubles as the system that displays the terms of service for on-premise computers, as well as hosting the Wi-Fi authentication system for patients.
A side project which now garners millions of hits and transfers many GB per month. It simply provides information about any actors age in a particular movie. Currently only allows the searching of actors names, but I plan to expand this site very soon.

Other Sites

I list these for a reminder in case these start to fade away from my regular thoughts. These made me who I am today.
The official Nantyr Shores School website was maintained by Nantyr Shores with me as a co-op student. This site has since been handed over to another party.
Habbhits - DEFUNCT
Habbo Hotel fan site/radio station created when I was 11. Servers/website was developed and maintained by me, and staffed by me. I handled DJ Applications, scheduling, events, and website maintenance including streaming servers.