Dwight Dickinson


I currently write and (sometimes) distribute numerous applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Most of these apps are available free of charge, unless otherwise noted. I'll continue to update this section of the site with more of the software I've written (a lot of which I wrote back in 2008 or so).
Start Usage Meter
Version 2.3.2 - Available on the Mac App Store
I developed an open-source utility/tool for checking your usage on Start.ca connections. This app runs on OS X (erm. macOS) 10.7+ systems. Simply enter your unique key, and the app sits in your menubar, showing your usage! It is built with Objective-C and runs natively.
Version 3.1 - 2008-2011
A free arena point calculator for World of Warcraft players. Was updated on a daily basis. This project was originally started to see if I could build a cross-platform arena point calculator. Given World of Warcraft has changed the way arena points work, it’s no longer available.

Version 1.5 - circa 2008
A very simple to use video converter. Will convert almost any imported format with a single click. Also allows very advanced customization of the conversion. The purpose was to see if I could interface with FFMpeg

Version 2.0
A Ventrilo server finder. Allowed users to submit a server to a centralized proprietary database created exclusively for VentFinder. Included an AppleScript, and WebKit-based file to execute a connection to the Ventrilo client and scan servers/connect.

And a shoutout to all the other pieces of software I've built since I was 8 years old or so. They helped shape me today.