Dwight Dickinson | Understanding the Web

Portrait shot of Dwight Dickinson Portrait of me on my last vacation

About Dwight Dickinson

Name: Dwight Dickinson

Age: 18

A little about me: I like computers, programming, snowmobiling, driving, gaming, talking, and just about everything else that has to do with computers!

My Idol / Favourite Band: Owl City (Adam Young)

More Information

My name is Dwight Dickinson. I am currently taking the Understanding the Web (GNED 1042) course in my COPA program at Georgian College. This website serves as the gateway to all of my assignments,

Why I took this course

I've always had a large fascination with computers, and more importantly the web. Perhaps since I was exposed to it at a young age (when the internet was really taking off). I've always had a passion for web development and programming. I took this course to explore a little bit more information about the web and how it started, along with doing a little of web designing and programming and learning a little more about current web standards (things change so fast!).