Dwight Dickinson


Part of the fun of programming is fixing common problems (be it first world or arguably more serious) with unique creations. As time goes on, I'll provide more information and maybe release some source code for a lot of my projects.
Automated Laundry Tub Pump
Using a Raspberry Pi3, I built an automated laundry tub pump which monitors the level of the laundry tub and activates the pump if the water level passes a certain threshold until the water is drained to 5% or less. It also allows control of the pump with Siri and de-activation of monitoring.
Siri Garage Door
Using a Raspberry Pi3, I connected to a typical-style garage door opener and wrote a script to bridge the opener to HomeKit, allowing HomeKit home automation control and control of the garage door with Siri. I also installed a sensor to allow checking of the garage door status through Siri and HomeKit. This also gives notifications if the door state changes.

And a shoutout to all the other projects I've built since I was 8 years old or so. They helped shape me today.