This is a selection of apps developed and published by me. Apps written for other companies are not listed here.
Platforms: iOS
Version: 2.1
The only iOS app out there for the band Heyhihello. Allows users to view social networks, videos, news, events, play mini-games, participate in trivia, and compete using a new custom-made points system. This app is one of my favourite ones for the simple reason that I’ve taken a lot of time to improve it. Most recently, I totally redesigned it and launched a new points system using MySQL and PHP. This has become a project of learning while still making something people want.
Speech Jammer
Platforms: iOS
Version: 2.0.1
The Speech Jammer app uses the theory that a users voice repeated back to the user at a slight delay will render them incapable of speech.

Speech Jammer went on to top the App Store charts, taking the #1 position in entertainment in several countries for weeks.
Platforms: Android
Version: 1.0
This was a project for my Advanced Java programming class at the college. This course was extremely well laid out and allowed for quite a bit of creative freedom.

MemoryTap is a card-based memory game. Try to remember what card you tapped and where they are located.